1 contact person

1 contact person, 1 place to direct all your pregnancy questions to. Within two weeks after registering for Zuidzorg's maternity care the intaker will contact you. She will go over some details with you. During this conversation the intaker will also give you her phone number and email address. During the pregnancy, you or your partner can call or email her whenever you have questions regarding the layette checklist (for instance when you are unsure about buying a certain product). Around week 30 the intaker will usually visit you at home. In some cases she will register you as a patient over the phone (only when the expectant mother already has children).

In short she is the one person you can direct all your questions to, from pregnancy until birth.

After you give birth our intaker's job is done. The maternity carer will attend to your family from now on. 

This is a list of the designated contact persons per municipality/village/postal code:

Marianne van Laarhoven
06-52 444 089
Wendy Dekkers
06-52 444 579
Christianne Kalkman
06-46 145 363