List of essentials

Mother (maternity package: you’ll probably receive this from your insurance company)
  • Bag of white cotton wool e.g. For dabbing surgical spirit.
  • Sterile navel clamp The obstetrician will use the navel clamp to clamp the umbilical cord so that it can be safely cut.
  • Rubber sheet A protective sheet of the same size as your mattress.
  • Five cellulose mats Mats for protecting parts of your mattress and bed.
  • Two large maternity mattresses For protecting your mattress.
  • Two packs of sterile gauze The maternity nurse will use the gauze e.g. to cover your baby’s navel for the first few days after his/her birth.
  • Hundred cc surgical spirit (70%) e.g. For disinfecting the thermometer.
  • Two packs of maternity sanitary pads You will need these special pads for the first few days after giving birth, when you will still be losing blood. Unlike ordinary sanitary pads, maternity sanitary pads don’t contain any plastic. The pads feel pleasant and prevent the risk of irritations.
  • Two packs of sanitary pads After the first few days you will be able to switch to ordinary sanitary pads.
  • Maternity briefs* specially designed to keep your maternity pads in place.
* Useful to have available at home.

  • A thermometer (it’s a good idea to have two thermometers*) After you have given birth the maternity nurse will regularly take your temperature and that of your baby. Preferably choose an ‘old-fashioned’ thermometer. Ear thermometers can only be used for infants of at least two years old.
  • Two sets of bedding It’s good to have at least two sets of bedding at your home. After your baby has been born, the maternity nurse will make your bed every day, using clean bedding when necessary.
  • Plastic bags + waste bucket For disposing of (maternity) sanitary pads.
  • Soap pump, unperfumed soap With which you and the maternity nurse can wash your/her hands.
  • Bed raisers You can borrow bed raisers from one of our 'servicepunten' from the 35th week of your pregnancy onwards. You will need them yourself, but so will the maternity nurse. The height of your bed must be raised to 65 to 70 centimetres to make it easier for you to get in and out of bed and for the nurse to care for you properly.
* Useful to have available at home.
  • Three romper suits or vests, size 50/56
  • Three romper suits, size 62/68
  • Three onesies/tops and bottoms, size 50/56
  • Three onesies/tops and bottoms, size 62/68
  • Twelve hydrophilic nappies They are indispensable, being very soft, thin and absorbent. You can use them as towels or burp cloths or you can protect your dresser with them when you change your baby’s nappies. Very useful at home or while travelling.
  • Two packs of disposable nappies or 20 cotton nappies.
  • Six hydrophilic face cloths They are ideal for washing or drying your baby. They are pleasantly soft for your baby’s skin.
  • Six burp cloths
  • Cot or baby bed A good option is a bed with high sides and an adjustable mattress height, made entirely of slats.
  • Mattress Must be firm and fit snugly in the cot.
  • Three bottom sheets or fitted sheets
  • Three top sheets and two blankets
  • Changing pad
  • Two flannel undersheets to protect the mattress
  • Two hot-water bottles (preferably metal) Your baby won’t be able to keep him/herself warm properly at first, so you will have to place one or two hot-water bottles in the cot, to heat it before you put your baby to sleep.
  • Two hot-water bottle covers Wrapped in the cover, the hot-water bottle won’t feel too hot.
  • Baby bath and/or tummy tub Optionally with a stand.
  • Two large towels or hooded towels
  • A bonnet Your baby needn’t wear a bonnet unless your obstetrician instructs you to use one. Don’t use a bonnet unless you are advised to, because otherwise your baby may get too hot.
  • Two buckets with lids For dirty linen and the disposal of used nappies
  • Hair brush and comb
For bottle-feeding
  • Two rubber teats Specially intended for newborn babies
  • Two feeding bottles
  • Bottle brush For cleaning your bottles
  • Bottle heater* For heating formula. You can also heat the bottle in a microwave oven or in a pan of hot water.
  • Baby formula Any brand, providing the formula is suitable for newborn babies.
* Useful to have available at home.
For bottle-feeding
  • Two rubber teats Specially intended for newborn babies
  • Two feeding bottles
  • Bottle brush For cleaning your bottles
  • Bottle heater* For heating formula. You can also heat the bottle in a microwave oven or in a pan of hot water.
  • Baby formula Any brand, providing the formula is suitable for newborn babies.
For home birth (not included in the maternity package)
  • Pack of salt To enable your maternity nurse to remove any blood stains from your bedding. She will soak the bedding in a bucket of cold water containing the salt.
  • Two buckets + two large bin bags For dirty linen and refuse produced during your baby’s birth.
  • Good lighting and emergency lighting (high-power torch) The obstetrician will need good lighting so as to be able to supervise the birth properly. Make sure you have enough bulbs, and also a torch with charged batteries for the event of a sudden power failure.
  • Dresser or ironing board The maternity nurse will use a dresser close to the bed to lay out all the things she will need. If you don’t have a dresser, an ironing board is a good alternative.
  • Dish or bowl in which to deposit any wet cotton wool.
  • Bedpan You’ll need a bedpan for if you’ll be unable to walk to your toilet. The bedpan will also be used to collect the placenta. You can borrow a bedpan from one of our 'servicepunten'.
Items for hospital birth to take along with you
  • Insurance documents and/or insurance card
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Clothing for before and during your baby’s birth
  • Telephone containing the telephone numbers of the maternity care organisation and other important organisations
  • Photo camera (make sure its memory card is empty and take along extra batteries)
  • Cellulose mat for in your car
  • Towel or moist face cloth for in the car
  • Money
  • Something for you and your partner to eat
  • Clothing for you and your ba- by for when you’re dismissed from hospital
  • Car seat for your baby
  • Optionally an ear telephone
  • Optionally your birth plan

It’s a good idea to pack a holdall or a case with things you’ll need in hospital around 37 weeks, before the time you are due to give birth. 

MMC Veldhoven
If you plan to have your baby at the MMC Veldhoven it’s a good idea to take along your marriage certificate or the documents needed to acknowledge the child and both of your ID cards. An official of the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the municipality of Veldhoven will be present at the hospital during working hours, so you will then be able to register your baby straight after his/her birth.